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10 Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Posts [Infographic]

August 16, 2017 Andrew Hutchinson With more than 500 million members, and a focused, professional audience base, LinkedIn is a must for most companies, but especially those in the B2B sector. But developing a presence on LinkedIn can be hard – LinkedIn is not Facebook, it’s not Twitter. You don’t win on LinkedIn by [...]

4 Digital Trends That Drive Investor Engagement

IR Magazine and Q4 hosted a webinar that explored digital trends designed to drive investor engagement. Laurie Havelock, journalist and podcaster for IR Magazine, hosted a jam-packed conversation between Darrell Heaps, CEO, Q4 and Sonja Galton, Web and Communications Specialist at Agnico Eagle Mines. The discussion offered four valuable takeaways for [...]

The Secret Ingredient to Digital Strategy Success

August 13, 2017 Jeff Rum The most important element to the success of your digital strategy might surprise you. Is it the best technology? The biggest budget? Nope. It’s the people who create it and run it. I asked Emily Pearl Goodstein, who has a background working at nonprofits and now helps others achieve online [...]

How to Implement a Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Strategy

August 03, 2017 Joei Chan Source: Big disclaimer: I’m not a “data geek” – at least not in the typical, Excel-Spreadsheet-crunching sense of the term. I do not like numbers, and am horrible at math. Before I started working at Mention, social media marketing, to me, meant coming up with catchy [...]

Facebook Announces That all Pages Can Now Create Linked Groups

Facebook continues to put increased emphasis on Groups, with Chief Product Officer Chris Cox this week announcing that Groups for Pages are now available for all Pages worldwide. Facebook started allowing Pages to post as Pages in groups earlier this year, then extended that to enabling some Pages to create linked groups. Now, as they continue to [...]

How to Explain Content Marketing to Anyone

The concept of content marketing has been around for hundreds of years (see this example from 1672), and the discipline has gained incredible popularity since 2007, according to Google Trends. But, when we recently launched a new e-book that answers common content marketing questions, we learned that many of our readers are just getting started. As [...]

9 Key Steps in Developing an Effective Content Strategy

Content helps your community and your audience relate to you - the more helpful and relatable you are, the more people want to begin a relationship with you. Isn’t that how you began most of your friendships, whether they be online or off, by relating and finding things in common with people? Relationships deepen, you're there when friends need [...]

5 Steps to Developing a Strong Social Media Strategy

With 2.8 billion active social media users, maintaining an active presence on these networks is becoming increasingly important in getting your business front of your ideal audience. These days, more and more consumers are looking to engage and connect with their favorite brands on social - in fact, research shows that a third of Millennials [...]

6 Reasons Social Media Advocacy Needs To Start At The Top

The use of the full arsenal of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and others is not a nice-to-have but a must-have in today’s business-to-business environment. That is the view of Jasmine Sandler, a global keynote speaker, author and consultant in digital marketing and social [...]

Facebook Now up to 1.9 Billion Users, Sees Expansion in Asia Pacific Market

Facebook has released its Q1 2017 results, and once again, The Social Network has a lot to celebrate. First off, on active users – Facebook is ever-close to the two billion user milestone, with monthly active users (MAUs) rising 17% YoY to 1.94 billion. That’s another amazing result for Zuck and Co. – Facebook's added another 76 million new [...]

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