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FINRA Issues New Guidance On Communications With The Public, Including Social Media

by Laura Anthony, Esq. In April 2017 FINRA issued Regulatory Notice 17-18 providing additional guidance on the use of social media and digital communications by member firms and persons associated with member firms. The guidance specifically relates to FINRA Rule 2210 – Communications with the Public, and supplements previously issued guidance in [...]

How to Research Blog Post Ideas that Generate Results

September 01,, 2017 Amy Wright If the thought of researching blog post ideas makes you a little woozy, I don’t blame you at all. The word “research” conjures up images of sluggishly wading through materials, running into dead ends, and ultimately wasting tons of time. No one likes to waste time. But then again, a quick search of your chosen [...]

Social Media Influence Rising, According to New Pew Research Study

Amid ongoing investigations about Facebook’s potential influence in the 2016 US Presidential Election, and new reports this week regarding Facebook ads purchased by Russian groups during the campaign, Pew Research Centerhas published its latest report on how social media is influencing the news cycle, which shows that a growing number of people [...]

7 Key Steps in Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

August 22, 2017 Sandeep Rathore Have you put together a social media marketing plan for your business? Are you finding it difficult to formulate a social media marketing plan? Though most companies now understand why social media is important, not all of them are able to create successful social media marketing strategies [...]

The Audience Valuation Engine: A New Model for Calculating the Value Per Subscriber

Author: Robert Rose I am struck by the notion that we have spent the last few years talking about how content marketing, as an approach, focuses on one thing: building a loyal, subscribed audience that we can monetize over time. Many of us at CMI have written about how audiences are an asset, and that their value can be the true return on investment [...]

10 Tips for Compelling LinkedIn Company Page Posts [Infographic]

August 16, 2017 Andrew Hutchinson With more than 500 million members, and a focused, professional audience base, LinkedIn is a must for most companies, but especially those in the B2B sector. But developing a presence on LinkedIn can be hard – LinkedIn is not Facebook, it’s not Twitter. You don’t win on LinkedIn by [...]

4 Digital Trends That Drive Investor Engagement

IR Magazine and Q4 hosted a webinar that explored digital trends designed to drive investor engagement. Laurie Havelock, journalist and podcaster for IR Magazine, hosted a jam-packed conversation between Darrell Heaps, CEO, Q4 and Sonja Galton, Web and Communications Specialist at Agnico Eagle Mines. The discussion offered four valuable takeaways for [...]

The Secret Ingredient to Digital Strategy Success

August 13, 2017 Jeff Rum The most important element to the success of your digital strategy might surprise you. Is it the best technology? The biggest budget? Nope. It’s the people who create it and run it. I asked Emily Pearl Goodstein, who has a background working at nonprofits and now helps others achieve online [...]

How to Implement a Data-Driven Social Media Marketing Strategy

August 03, 2017 Joei Chan Source: Big disclaimer: I’m not a “data geek” – at least not in the typical, Excel-Spreadsheet-crunching sense of the term. I do not like numbers, and am horrible at math. Before I started working at Mention, social media marketing, to me, meant coming up with catchy [...]

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