SurePure Granted Membership of Social Stock Exchange

NEW YORK, Oct 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SurePure, Inc. (SURP), a global leader in liquid photopurification, announced today that it has been approved as a member of the Social Stock Exchange following the ratification of its impact report by the Independent Admissions Panel.

The Social Stock Exchange provides access to the world’s first regulated exchange dedicated to businesses and investors seeking to achieve a positive social and environmental impact through their activities. To be listed, a company must pass a stringent validation process and adhere to their own social and/or environmental mandates and missions. Using the Impact Report information generated through this process, investors can then seek out investments that reflect their impact goals.

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About SurePure
SurePure is a global leader in liquid photopurification, the green alternative to pasteurisation and chemicals. Using its patented ‘Turbulator’ technology, SurePure systems use UV-C light to purify microbiologically sensitive liquids such as wine, fruit juice and milk. Although designed to deliver food-grade solutions, it can also be harnessed to improve processing liquids such as water, brines and sugar syrup solutions, even animal blood plasma. SurePure’s technology offers greater microbiological efficacy than conventional UV systems and is effective for both clear and turbid liquids, a world first. SurePure offers a greener alternative to comparable heat or chemical-based processes and significant process and energy savings. It also provides opportunities for the development of innovative and differentiated products with desired consumer benefits, guaranteed food safety and sound commercial benefits.

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