Digital Assets

In today's hyper-connected environment, companies are increasingly valued using non-traditional valuation metrics such as public awareness, number of followers, degree of social engagement and ability to connect to large audiences and crowds. PRISM specializes in building digital assets and digital markets for companies in the blockchain field, for cryptocurrency, IPO and Reg A+ offerings, and for small and micro-cap public companies.

Audience Development

PRISM provides comprehensive services such as: strategic messaging, crowd building for ICO, IPO and Reg A+, digital stakeholder communications, branding & marketing. Our unique expertise is a blend of digital and social asset management with growth advisory and initiatives. Cutting-edge technology and excellent human capital give us the capability to identify, target, build and engage large audiences of potential consumers, investors and stakeholders.

Forward Value

 PRISM helps humanize the story behind each corporate paper and communicate it to a market that we build - traditional investors or crypo-investors, consumers or business partners. We create new value that increases forward market capitalization. Merely having an online presence is not enough; to grow social and digital assets, companies need to expertly engage with key influencers, stakeholders and thought leaders.



We offer a large number of integrated services in 3 main categories that supplement each other.

Marketing & PR

PRISM provides comprehensive digital and traditional marketing and communication services. We understand both the private and the public markets; we have expertise in marketing for ICO, IPO and Reg A+; our communication tools have finance focus and target investors and institutions, crypto-investors and general stakeholders. News, stock information and corporate filings are all automated and integrated within our services, ensuring full SEC XBRL compliance when needed.

Audience Building

PRISM uses customized hyper-to identify and target specific audiences based on a multitude of keywords and categories in the B2I, B2C and B2B spaces. Having an audience and market to engage with is vital for companies that have, or anticipate, any public or token offering. In addition, we have a database of 750,000+ finance professionals including retail stockbrokers, registered investment advisors, family offices, HNWI and micro/small-cap funds. Our team works with management to identify all potential audiences and stakeholders, and engages these audiences with custom curated and relevant content. With customized hyper - targeting influencer techniques, we identify, build and manage your community.

Strategy & Content

Using decades of strategic advisory experience, PRISM helps corporations build their businesses of the future. We help define and market the Company’s growth story to vast audiences of consumers,  digital stakeholders and / or investors. We research, analyze and produce White Papers; help with brand messaging & market positioning; provide uplisting guidance and ecapital markets advisory, and use the power of social and digital media to communicate with audiences. With customized hyper - targeting influencer techniques, we identify, build and manage your community.

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